We work with the strongest and the best sales partners and we are present in Polish and foreign retail chains. We fill an order from beginning to end in the scope of providing the appropriate raw material, production, implementation of packaging with a chosen pattern, confection, distribution and transport to the customer. Thanks to wide range of cooperation in obtaining raw materials / goods and production of packaging (paper, foil and other), we can realize orders for the most demanding customers. By offering individual solutions, you can create your own brand with us.



Bentonite Cat Litter is produced from the highest quality bentonite with high montmorillonite content. The content of this mineral in bentonite provides excellent caking properties, absorption of moisture and odors.

They are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene. Their very high parameters are monitored and controlled on a current basis by a modern laboratory at the Mineral Resources Processing Plant in Jasło

Bentonite Cat Litter are available in various classes, due to the quality and fraction: premium, compact, standard, economical and also fragrance versions or unscented.



Wood Pellet Cat Litter is a 100% natural wood mulch for cats and other small pets. They are light and absorb moisture very well. They have an aesthetic appearance and a nice, bright color. Allergy-friendly and do not contain any chemical additives. Available in universal and caking version.



Silica Cat Litter have very good hygroscopic properties and are extremely light. They can be thrown to the toilet, they do not clump. They require complete replacement when there are visible signs of wear. Silicones gravels are very efficient.



At the customer’s request, we realize non-standard gravels and other zoological products. Wide access to geological resources and raw materials, make it possible to meet the most sophisticated needs.


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